Sunday, June 26, 2011

negative space

I love the view from my sister's place. It makes Vancouver look like Norway or some shit like that.

I've been living out of a backpack for three months now. First the Yukon, then Vancouver. At first it was strenuous, but I'm starting to get used to the lifestyle. Humans are nomadic creatures. It is our natural way of being. Babies will only rest when you hold them and walk with them (or simulate the motion by rocking them), because that is how our species prospered for 99.9% of our history - walking, walking, in our mothers' arms, from one place to the next, as our families hunted and camped and slept and walked again the next day. When we are babies, we're not so indoctrinated to forget that nomadic lifestyle, and we require it.

It feels good to move around the city carrying everything I need, and nothing more:

4-5 T-Shirts
1 Longsleeved Shirt
3 Pairs of Socks
2 Pairs of Shorts (usually wearing one pair)
1 Pair Underwear (I overpacked - underwear is not necessary if it's summer and you're swimming every day.)
2 Camp Towels (quick-drying, thin and small)
Sleeping Bag
Sil-Tarp (super lightweight small tarp)
Bit o' Rope
Leatherman (multitool)
1-2 Reading Books

...Normally I would pack food, a campstove, a pot, a mug and warmer clothes, but since I'm in the city to work, the rest of the pack is taken up by

Laptop Bag containing:
The Economist Magazine
2 Thumb Drives
1 Backup Drive (1TB)
Mouse, Mousepad, Headphones
Digital Camera
Assorted cables to make these things talk to each other.

The dance project is finally finished. Super fun, super challenging and very inspiring. I worked with some great artists who I know I will work with again in the future. The experience has left me with a strong desire to create my own performance pieces. More like performed short films that are edited on-the-spot, combined with sound / music. We'll see.

The incredible thing about creativity is that you don't burn out on it. The more you're creating, the more ideas you have. I guess it's like exercising in a way. If you run every day, you're going to be able to run further and further with each passing day. On the other hand, it's also healthy to have periods of rest to give your muscles a chance to grow and heal.

I think that sometimes we hold on to ideas because it's the 'big one', because we fear that there will be no 'big ones' to follow it up. I don't believe this. There is a bottomless well of inspiration within us. We're only restrained by our own fears; by not consistently exercising the muscles that put ideas into action.

My mind is brewing with ideas for my own work and for collaborations. I'm stoked to get home and start painting.

The only thing missing is some serious bush time. I love to draw people and buildings, but my heart and my inspiration comes from the wilderness. I'm planning a week-long trip along some uninhabited bit of coastline somewhere, to get my head back into my painting-space.

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