Tuesday, June 28, 2011

last day in the city and my bitterness doth overflow

Nomadic-hobo style Festival Submissions. Cuttin' DVD covers with a knife at a coffeeshop with my backpack and shit laying all over the place.

Look at this guy sitting to my left. There were only two other people in the whole fucking coffeeshop when he came in, and he sat right next to me. (It's a wide-angle lens, so objects are closer than they appear.) I just don't understand some peoples' insensitivity about personal space. Every time I look at him, he pretends I'm not there. Fuck, dude, you're sitting three feet away from me, and you've even pushed your table closer to me so you have to be about one foot from me every time you reach for your coffee. Have you completely blocked out my presence, or are you stupid or what?

He had no idea I was rotating my entire laptop to shine my webcam at him to take his photo. I just don't get it. Does he live his whole life like this? He would be a shitty soccer player if that was the case. For the sake of the gene pool, I just hope it's a general survival mechanism for some people in densely populated areas to block out their surroundings like that.

I wish I had to fart right now, just to see if he would smell it.

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