Friday, June 17, 2011


Here's a review of Plaything, the dance show I've been working on. Come check it out this weekend or next, if you're in Vancouver. Now that the show is rolling, I can start thinking about my next projects.

Since I first started doing fulltime art about a decade ago, my overall career pattern hasn't changed much - tonnes of big ideas, some frustration that I'm not doing all of them at once, a broad range of interests, all reigned in by a fanatical desire to organize things into schedules and lists.

The result is a tonne of pages of dreams and "TO DO" lists taped on my walls and strewn across my desk.

They go something like this:



Market Perfect Detonator Film - website, mailing list, continue festival submissions, send out copies to contributors etc.
Check Motionbuilder / Maya for quadripeds
Talk to Joyce about Mexico etc.


Dog installation gig.
Solo camping / sketching week.
Start painting for Sept. show.
Check Banff deadlines.
Start jamming next film for BravoFact.
More PDet submissions.


Painting mania for September
Bravofact refine
PDet Fest Stuff.


Art show
More dog installation gig
Document paintings for portfolio.
BravoFact submit.


Dog installation gig.
Find and contact galleries across Canada and internationally for painting
P. Det show


Next film (quickie)
P Det Submissions Ongoing
Ramp up painting / gallery hunts. Combine with trip(s)?


That's all I got for now. Lots to do, always changing. Part of me wishes I could plan further into the future, but I've learned that things change too fast to go much further than 6 months. New ideas and opportunities will arise, other ideas will fall flat, timelines will change. It's an interesting way of making a living, I'll tell ya. You gotta be a bit philosophical about the whole thing, I think.

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