Thursday, June 2, 2011

fuck you, neil young

shitmix combination of the last day's work with a map I made for a tourist

Sitting in a starfucks listening to their goddamned soundtrack -

"old man, take look at my life
I'm a lot like you"

Besides my parents, I've never had many (any?) mentors in my life, and I've never really had any ideas of a life-model that would fit me - unless you count the thoroughly unmodern life-stories of painters I admire from the past fifty to three-hundred years.

But I recently had an idea that seems to work - my mentor is the Vision of Myself as an Old Man.

I imagine being a happy, relaxed, probably eccentric old man, hopefully still physically active, probably more scars on my body than I already have. Wearing shorts and barefeet and philosophizing and painting in a quiet, natural place with trees and sun and birds chirping.

This is the dude I want to talk to when I'm trying to figure out my life.

Since my discovery, I've made little comic-dialogues with him/me. His wisdom is not exactly mindblowing, but I guess it helps give me perspective. Mostly it comes down to "Don't worry about it," and "Stop thinking and relax and just be present."

The comics usually end with Old Man Jay giving me a hand-drawn knowing grin - a wordless signal from the ol' sumbitch to let me know that everything is going to work out all right.

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