Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I got a full-body wetsuit for Christmas so I could swim in the water this winter (as opposed to taking a 15-second screaming jump in, which still feels nice but doesn't last very long). The wetsuit is great, but the gloves I chose were too thin. They're basically bike gloves. I couldn't stay in for long because my hands got numb fairly quickly.

So last week I bought thicker gloves and it's amazing how much more comfortable I am. You really do lose a lot of heat out of your hands - especially when they're surrounded by water, which conducts the heat right off of you.

Yesterday I swam across the cove, like I was doing 2-3 times a day last summer, and was surprised at how much harder it was. Maybe it's harder to swim in a wetsuit, but I think it's more that I'm out of shape. If it wasn't for the floaty wetsuit, I would have been pretty scared on the way back, because I was suckin' wind pretty hard. Fortunately, a number of cars stopped to watch (including the local police car), so if anything happened someone would have been there to help. But I think it would be impossible to drown in a wetsuit - you can just float there.

It sure is nice to lay on my back in the middle of the ocean and watch the raindrops hit the water.


  1. Last year, over the xmas break, I went surfing in Tofino. I used the same thickness of suit as I do here in SF with the addition of gloves, boots and a hood. We stayed in the water for nearly 4 hours without getting out. I was shocked at how awesome good gear can be. I actually felt warm water moving around in my suit. I didn't have to piss once. I have my own wetsuit now so I'll join you for a swim one of these days.

  2. Right on, Andrew. Or even better - some surfing. Bring yo' baby out to Gabriola sometime!