Friday, February 18, 2011

why do you round up

People at the coffeeshop are starting to get wise to my hijinx. I can't draw the regulars any more.

I spent a couple hours today skulking around in the bush, along the forested shortcut between my house and the village. Today some guy was in there bulldozing down trees and throwing them into a giant bonfire. Obviously he has a legal reason to do it, but it felt good to be sneaking around and taking photos and filming and pretending I could "expose" the guy and he would stop bulldozing.

This might sound like a childish waste of time on my part, but I believe it's good exercise to follow through on those little suggestions at the back of your head. As an artist, I think it's crucial. You have to work based on instinct, and you can't do that if you don't even know how to listen to your instinct. Listen!

My instinct is telling me to keep hanging out up at the shortcut. It's good to watch the forest get torn away and actually be conscious of how I feel about it, as opposed to every other time I've seen it happen and I've been too busy or too young to really pay attention and consider it. Taking time to think is important. It creates reasons to make art that has meaning to me. Otherwise, I think I start working without putting my heart into it, and I think you can tell when art's got no heart.

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