Monday, October 19, 2009

La Chambre

Welcome to my stinky Den of Creation.  This is the smallest "studio" I've had in a decade, but I like it.  Doing so much computer work that I don't need a lot of space.

I have a lot of different projects on the go for the next few months, so there should be a good variety of stuffs to post.  I plan on posting Quicktime movies as well, as soon as I can figger that out.


  1. my studio is about 60 sq feet, I turn sideways to sqweeze by my drawing table and computer desk. NIce homemade light box!

  2. Thanks, Clint - good eye recognizing the light table!

    What you doing these days?

  3. I built one that looks very similar, with an animation rotation disc even.

    Moved to Salmon Arm last year, been freelance model/texturing ever since, fixing up an old farmhouse, growing vegatables, and hanging out with my 18 month old boy.

    Landed a gig building airplanes for a TV series about Buffalo Air. Hey, maybe you heard of em, being that they are up in the Northwest territories?

  4. Shee-it, mon, that sounds like the good life! I'm leaving Vancouver again in the Spring, moving back up to the Yukon, but it sure would be nice to live somewhere where it's easier to have a farm.

    Sounds like you have a sweet balance of lots of things going on.

    I've never heard of Buffalo Air - it's kinda weird how separate NWT and YT are from each other.