Wednesday, October 7, 2009

feel my eyeballs

Today was setting up for the shoot - tomorrow and Thursday are both going to be looong days with 10 hours of shooting.  Before and after shooting I'll be testing to make sure my visual effects are going to work.  It's 12:30 am right now and I'm working away, my eyes are burning, but I have at least 1.5 more hours of work before sleepytime.  I need to make sure we're lighting the actors right for me to composite them well, etc etc

Maxwell's Instant Coffee and a big glass of water and the thumps and clicks of an old house cooling down.  Is it the thumps and the clicks that people mistake for ghosts?  This is an artist's residence - maybe it's people who've never stayed in old creaky houses before..?  The huge temperature changes of the Yukon also make for mucho creaking... it can change 30 degrees between day and night. 

Back to work..

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