Friday, October 30, 2009

Havin' a beer before bed.

This watercolour paper is taped onto my drawing table, so I just put the laid the scanner upside-down on the painting to scan this. Making progress, still lots to do on this painting (this scan is about 1/6th of the whole painting). Not sure if I'm going to ink it yet. Then I have to paint a tonne of foreground elements on seperate sheets - Devil's Club and Salal.


  1. cool man, I'll be following this one's progress closely, can't wait to see it all come me a ton of inspiration/motivation to get back into analog if/when I can find the time

  2. Me neither! It's a long-ass shot. I think it'll take 2 more days to do the forest part of the shot.

    I'd love to see anything you're working on, by the way.