Sunday, October 4, 2009

First day of snow in Dawson City

The house.  The top right window is the bedroom where people see stuff, that's where I stayed last time I was here.  I chose to sleep in the other bedroom this time.  The neighbour's daughter saw a lady standing in the backyard (lower left) once. 

"What are you looking at, daughter?"
"The lady, right there, daddy, can't you see her?"

Okay, I'm not going to relate any more stories because I'm creeping myself right out.  (I'm typing in the top room with the lights on right now.)

Andrew, good to hear from you, man!  Can't wait 'til next time we get together and talk, or even better, work on something!  I still read and enjoy John K's blog.  I've started doing more classical animation lately, I think I'm moving in that direction.  Word!

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