Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Robots and Water

Drawings / designs for a storyboard superimposed on a photo I'm using as a background for another project.

This is a very busy work-week for me - one proposal for an Artist Residency due on Friday, another funding proposal I'm trying to get done by the weekend (which is what the robots are for), and a longer ongoing project that I'm working on every day. So my only excursions are quick swims and walks into town for groceries. I'll have more time to swim and draw and paint next week, I hope.

I've seen some local men coming out of the water with harpoon-guns and belts lined with all sorts of big colourful fish, including octopi. All they had were masks and snorkels, and that's what I have, so I'm hoping I can see some of that as well.

The place I've been snorkeling has small colourful fish. There's some fairly large (and presumably healthy) coral reefs just out from where the local harpoon-fishers were, but it's been too windy to swim out to them. On the less-windy side of the beach I found one big chunk of reef where I saw my first Moray Eel! Very exciting.

When I was young 'un, it was my dream to be a Marine Biologist. The ocean still fascinates me. Peering into that diverse aqueous world takes me back to when I was a child, camping along the Washington and Oregon coast, playing for hours with the crabs and sea anemones in the tidal pools. What a gift, to be able to float over this cool, silent world and look in on all these amazing, almost alien, creatures.

Drifting back and forth with the currents and the waves, marbled sunlight casting along the sandy bottom.

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