Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm going through some old drawings to use for a proposal I'm writing that would put me in the Yukon bush for a month next summer. Painting and drawing and camping for a month straight. That would be heaven. I'm thinking that, even if I don't get accepted for it, I'd like to do that anyways in the middle of some bushy place.

These panels are from a couple weeks I spent near the Arctic Ocean, two summers ago. I did comics like this every day. This comic was from a day I spent out with some entomologists who were counting bugs. There were so many flies that they were wearing full-body mesh suits in the middle of summer. (Twenty-four hours of daylight up there).

I didn't wear the suit - instead, I had a wide-brim hat with DEET sprayed all over it. I didn't need to put DEET on my face - the soaked hat was enough to keep the blackflies away.

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