Tuesday, January 17, 2012

data-sized americano

People in cold-weather jackets and a hair render for a project I'm working on. I've done more work with 3D hair in the last three months than I have since I started 3D animation in 1997. Then again, there was no such thing as 3D hair in 1997.


All I've done so far today is:

Start a fire
Eat oatmeal
Read about the conservation of energy and momentum in spacetime
Eat three slices of toast
Look at the internet
Send film to festival
Buy coffee, beer, peanut butter.

I got screwed early because of the internet. I try to stay away from it before noon. Today I wasted a lot of time looking at absolutely nothing.

It's interesting how the best times of my day are always when I'm away from my computer. Very rarely will a Top Five Thing Of The Day be related to the computer.

Whenever I have a "I'm Doing Nothing" day, I reach a crux point like this, where I have to say "The rest of your day is going to be shitty if you keep planning on working and don't get to it. So what are you going to do, write off the day and call it a Day Off, or get to work?"

Today I'm going to work. I have coffee, beer and peanut butter and jam to keep me company. Lets do it.

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