Tuesday, November 9, 2010

beat pharmacy

Five-foot long watercolor painting for a long pan shot. Work in progress.

I've never been a big follower of astrology or anything, but every time I get some kind of in-depth reading with Tarot or numerology or moon phases or whatever, it always hits me hard, and speaks directly to the things that are happening in my life. (Actually, that's not totally true - I read the I Ching fairly often... so I guess I am into the mystical shit.)

I got my numerologies done today, and part of it was a Tarot Card that is associated with the next four months of my life, from October 10th to February 10th. It hit me so hard I started sobbing. The Tarot card was The Hermit. Reading the explanation made me feel like I'm not a total lunatic...

But I'm not going to write out the explanation because it will make everyone else think I'm a total lunatic.

Which I'm not.

I wish I could tattoo the words across my body.

Fuck yeah.

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