Friday, November 26, 2010

art for the apocalypse

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to paint out-of-season colours? The trees in this scene needed to be summery. So hard not to at least give them fall colours.

These are the colours that come more naturally at the moment. By the way, I like drawing and painting structures. If anyone wants to commission me to paint a pretty version of their house or cabin, let me know. This painting is not yet complete, by the way. But I kinda like it the way it is.

A lot of my ex-students are Facebook-ing gorgeous paintings that they're creating digitally. The new Cintiq tablets are pretty amazing because you can draw right on them. I've been feeling a bit behind-the-times. Shouldn't I be grabbing a hold of the latest technology, keeping up with the world?

The the power died. I just kept on painting. And with candles, I could go all night. So I felt better. How much would it suck to be art-paralyzed if you were without power? I know that all the students I'm thinking of are amazing at drawing non-digitally as well, but it makes me think - children being born right now might never learn how to use an actual pencil.

It's amazing how much people take power for granted. I like living in places where the power goes out sometimes. It keeps shit pretty real. Makes you appreciate the values of a wood stove, an axe, fresh running water, and friendly neighbours with a chicken coop.


  1. Gotta keep that shit balanced, walking the tightrope... I tend to go all in one or the other... though I've recently discovered my analogue skills are in serious need of attention!

  2. Yeah, I'm not sure about the Cintiq though. Seems like it would be another thing to start from scratch on. I'd rather work on acrylic / oil painting - and I'd rather spend the price of a Cintiq on a multipage scanner for classical animation.

    My next tech thing to take on is a film in Maya. I've done animation, lighting and effects in Maya, but never a whole film with it.

  3. Do you have a Cintiq, Clint?

  4. I wish, I'm still using a 4x5 intuos2!(spent a good chunk of change on building a killer workstation a while back) From what I've seen investing in a scanner for paper to digital seems like a better move, you probably do that a lot more that purely digital painting. That said, when I have some cash to spare a cintiq is on my list for gear upgrades.

  5. So Maya hey, you are a 3dmax user right? I'm still on Softimage (love it) but I really want to get into Vray rendering so I'll be trying out 3ds max before maya. Another guy I know is switching form maya to max, but I think he's getting into more architectural rendering from visual effects.

  6. I'm softimage all the way, baby