Monday, July 18, 2011

flat blue flat grey

Here's where I'm swimming these days. Pretty fucking boring. It's a beautiful beach, actually, and apparently the warmest Pacific coast beach north of California. However, beach means endless sand, which means I'm swimming over a giant aqueous desert. There's the occasional seal, some good sized crabs, sand dollars and small fish, but not much else.

I cut the shit out of the insides of my feet trying to climb the pile in the center of that photo. I got up pretty high out of the water, then I started to slip and I squeezed tighter with my feet and scraped them down through a few feet of barnacles before I started to feel the pain and let go.

It's amazing how much colder the water has become over the last two weeks of cloudiness. I wonder how much that's changed the seasonal algae blooms, and all the life they support.

I'm working like a hot demon these days. I have a ridiculous amount of painting to do, which is fun, but on top of that I have a lot of technical animation work, and administrative / marketing stuff to get through, which is not so fun. It's amazing how exercise can almost completely eliminate stress. I'm swimming every afternoon, and going for a little bushwhack every morning.

When I get a chance, I'll post some painting photos. Maybe tomorrow, if nothing exciting happens in the meantime.

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