Saturday, July 9, 2011

eleven lines

A new project I'm helping out with for the next half year involves dogs and motion capture. That's all I'll say about it for now. I think it's going to turn into a gallery installation and possibly more.


Some parts of my life are taking a huge swing these days. I'm still doing the same work, but I'm uncertain about where I'll be living. This summer is going to be an interesting mishmash of movement and sleeping-places. It will be a challenge to ride the chaos (which I somewhat enjoy), while maintaining a sense of stability, peace and solitude that is necessary for me to work. I have to flow easily down this stream, let it carry me where I am meant to be, and at the same time find stillness in that movement to observe and create.


My sense of consistency, stability and stillness will be maintained by doing the following every day:

- Sketching and writing, preferably somewhere away from my place-of-living.

- Swimming at least once, and doing one other bit of exercise (more swimming, bushwhacking, tree-climbing..)

- Painting.


I'm looking for a place to live that has the following:

- Access to Vancouver by bicycle and / or ferry.

- Swimmable ocean water within five-minute biking distance

- A friendly landlord who respects my privacy and right to feel at home in the space I'm renting.

- Access to a yard and / or deck that has some privacy.

- Wilderness within 10-15 minute biking distance.

- Good natural light and space for me to work.

- Quiet surroundings, and nothing to see out the windows but nature.

- Proximity to my family.

That's pretty much all I need right now, laid out in eleven short lines. Bring it on.

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