Friday, May 6, 2011

new paper

I like the new (old) sketchbook I just got into. The paper is thin and crumply like parchment.

Nothing creative is happening for me lately. The last three weeks have been a complete void of imaginative thoughts, and that's been difficult for me. Maybe this is supposed to be a recharge time. Lots of walking and fresh air empty thoughts is good, probably.

I wasn't even drawing for quite a while there, but I'm back into the sketchbook for a few minutes every morning, at least. The routine of drawing, even when I don't feel like it, is crucial to maintaining my sense of purpose, and, by extension, my happiness and possibly even my sanity.

It feels like I have a bunch of words or poems calling me from the back of my head, but I keep ignoring their rings and not listening to the messages. Maybe I should stop trying to work tonight and just sit down with my sketchbook and a cup of coffee out in the dark.


  1. It's times like these where I focus on creative exercise. I once spent three weeks drawing hands out of a lack of creativity thus turning a non-creative time into a learning time. Eventually, when creative desire returned I had a newly refined ability to draw hands. My latest has been drawing a thong-wearing grandfather in horrible poses.

    Sometimes, you just do what you have to.

  2. Every creative person has periods of lying fallow. I read a great quote from a legendary editor yesterday who used to tell his writers when they had writer's block, "Don't think about writing. Think about typing." Don't think about creating, just sit down to draw - anything.

  3. Even so, it can be agony.