Monday, May 23, 2011

dumptruck in the face

Vancouver drawing from last week. I like to write down my dreams. There's always something to read into them. Lately I've been having a lot of dreams about my old high-school buddies, and it always involves violence. Maybe it's because I don't see them much anymore.

A drawing from today, because the whole idea of this ol' blog is to do an image a day. Although I haven't been posting daily, I have been managing to draw every morning. It's keeping me sane. I haven't been managing to jump in the ocean every day, but when I do it's a fine fine thing. I've been in once already today, and I'm just about to head back in right now. The water is cold, but warm enough for me to huff around in for a few minutes without a wetsuit before my fingers start to hurt. Maybe I should just wear wetsuit gloves tonight.

Tomorrow morning I'm back in Vancouver. Fuckin' lotta movin' around these days.

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