Tuesday, June 29, 2010

urban camping / vertical trespassing

Get me drunk and I'm highly likely to find a building to climb. Even when I'm not drunk, I often look at buildings as scalable surfaces rather than a roof-over-a-thing.

For this reason, I've spent my fair share of time hanging out on rooves.

I'm taking it one step further next month - I'm going to a convention in a city, but I don't want to pay for a room at the hotel. Damned cities, there's no bush to camp in, so I've scoped out the area on google maps and found this Elementary School roof with some privacy and a little nook in case it rains.

Elementary Schools are always easy to climb. Some of the overhangs are usually lower than a normal building, so its a quick jump-and-pull yourself up.

To wash myself in the morning, I'll borrow a friend's passkey and shower in the hotel pool area.

I'm super excited about this!

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