Saturday, June 26, 2010

from the point

A sketch looking out from the point I like to swim from. Running through the woods is out for now, but swimming and rock climbing is IN! I have a snorkel and mask, and goddammit if that undersea world ain't the purdiest thing you ever did see.

Apparently there's an 18-story drop about 100 feet out from where I swim. It's popular for SCUBA divers, because you can cruise along this huge vertical wall and lookit all the stuff. Once I get brave enough, I'll snorkel out over top of it. The water is apparently clear enough sometimes that you can see waaay down from the surface. Scary! I imagine it would feel like flying over a cliff.

The film is like 95% done. Workin' weekends now to finish it up. I'm happy with it.

Iron Man 2 is a terrible movie. Give me any 5-minute section and I'll tell you how it was wrong, and suggestions on how it could have been better. I don't mean to sound cocky - I'm just saying, even -I- could come up with a better movie. Watch Iron Man I to see how engaging an action film can be. Watch Iron Man II to see how boring and predictable a story is when it's rushed out the door. Same director, not sure about the writers. I feel sorry for Mickey Rourke, who has an amazing screen presence but got thrown into a pile of shit called Iron Man 2. Wipe it off, Mickey!

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