Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bird From Bot

A frame from shot number 67. This is my favorite shot I've ever done. Sometimes when I'm drawing I think "this is the best drawing I've ever done. This is just a small doodle, but I would never have been able to do it without the years of drawing and experience I've accumulated before this."

That's how I feel about this shot. I like the animation, I'm proud of the feeling of weight the robot has. I like the background painting. The way the robot interacts with the background, tearing down trees, birds scattering.. I'm just very happy with it. I'm not often happy with my work so it's nice to be there.

I've been wondering what to do with these years of practice developing my own process and style. Keep making short films? Start thinking about getting funding for a larger film? Start a studio? I'm not especially keen on rejoining the Video Game or Televised Cartoon industry, nor am I interested in working on the uninteresting animated features that most American studios put out. I think I've gone too far down my own personal road to find fulfillment in working on someone else's (diluted) idea, in someone else's (not especially unique) style.

But I have to remind myself to stay present and get this son of a bitch film finished first. (Which I'm really enjoying, by the way, even if it is an s.o.b.!)


  1. 一個人就像一個分數,他的實際才能是分子,他對自己的評價是分母。分母越大,則分數的價值越小。..................................................

  2. Thanks, Andrew. That means a lot coming from you.