Friday, May 21, 2010


So I've moved out of the city again. I like smaller towns, but it's more than that: I like the raw quiet of a wild forest. Watching animals and learning from them. Feeling moss and rocks under my bare feet, finding tracks in the mud. Stopping in wonder at the light passing through leaves, or the sound of the wind.

This blog is going to be two things from now on:

1) A diary of my art and imagery
2) A recording of what I'm learning about living closer to our natural roots.

A friend suggested starting a separate blog, but I prefer to keep them together. Art is life, and all that. I suspect there will be an interesting correlation between the two subjects.

Zing zang!

It's important to me to know how things work. I prefer to ride a bike because I know how to fix it. I like PC's rather than Macs because I can get behind the hood and do stuff in DOS / BIOS if I need to. I want to get under the hood of LIFE, man! I would far prefer to know where my water comes from - even better if I put in the pump myself. I would love to build my own cabin. Talk to the farmer who grows my vegetables. Maybe even hunt for my own meat, and because of that, show a lot more restraint and respect for the animal who gives its life for me to continue living.

We'll see how far this goes, but that's my trip for now. Stay tuned!

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