Tuesday, August 29, 2017

 Best Studio So Far

Four years and one day later, I'm returning to Draw or be Drawn!

After forty-three years of life and forty years of drawing, I think I've finally settled into my own way of working creatively.  This blog will be a celebration of my own particular ways of working, and hopefully a way that other people can reflect on their own unique ways of having an impact in the world.

At present, I think this blog will be a way of sharing a few things:

1) My personal creative processes, which are messy, joyful, intense, emotional and abundant. I feel that I have two things to give: my artwork, and my experience with making the work. This blog will be more about the latter. I probably won't show much finished work, but I will show works-in-progress.

2) The things I get excited about, when it comes to writing and making. I'm influenced by scientific advances, animal lives, science fiction, tabletop roleplaying games, comics, films, indigenous knowledge and storytelling theory. I want to share the things I get stoked about.

Artists tend to only show finished work, or heavily edit their 'works-in-progress' so even those look great. Here, I hope to be vulnerable and show my mistakes and trials as much as my successes.

...But as with any creative endeavour, I have no idea what these posts will turn into.

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