Saturday, February 4, 2012


Besides walking, here's how I get around. $1.75 Canadian gets me anywhere in town. $3.00 gets me to any beach I like.

I did a decent drawing today, but I gave it away to a boy named Marco who wanted to shine my shoes. The only other decent drawing I've done I gave to his buddy, Judi, who wanted to sell me a little wooden turtle. I gave him the choice of any page in my sketchbook, and he took my favorite page.

Before I gave them drawings, they stood over my shoulder, watching me draw, for a couple minutes. Moving closer and closer to see the details, and to compare what I was drawing with what I was seeing. I love it when children do that. Shyness overcome by curiosity and fascination.

When I lived in Berlin about a decade ago, I'd draw on the train on my way to work and often had boys and girls giggling as I drew them, or people around them. I'd be passing out pages from my sketchbook left and right.

I think that's my favorite kind of art-interaction -giving sketchbook pages to children.

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