Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gag me with a movie

I am watching a terrible movie and it is called Star Trek.

Top five terrible things about this movie:

You know what, I'm not even going to get into it. I feel kind of alone when I hear so many people say a movie is amazing, then I watch it and there is not a single redeeming feature in the film. This is a really really terrible movie, in absolutely every respect. From writing to directing to dialogue, acting, shot selection, it looks like it was made by a bunch of students with too much money.

There are some really horrible movies being created nowadays. Indiana Jones IV, Quantum of Solace, and those Star Wars sequels come to mind. I don't watch a lot of Hollywood movies, but the vast majority them are bad enoguh to concern me about the state of the human race. We direct more money than ever before in history to create entertainent, and this is what we create? And hundreds of millions of dollars more are spent by audiences who flock to watch this? Sometimes more than once? And I'm sure the sequel(s) will be wildly popular as well.

I pray to the gods that children these days still read books.

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