Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You Are In My Head

I've been looking at some animation / illustration blogs lately, and they've been inspiring me enough that I want to start my own.

There's a couple things I want to do on this blog:

1) Post an image or movie clip that I've created every day. Hopefully it'll be an image I created that day.
2) Create a record of what I'm working on. Lately it's been a lot of animation, but I love drawing and painting, so I hope that you (and I) will see the blog shift more towards drawings and paintings.
3) Give myself a quick-fix creative outlet. Animating takes a while! I still have at least 3 months before I get to see my next short film, "Perfect Detonator", as a finished product.  Giving myself a daily drawing task will hopefully force me to Draw.

Here's a doodle from my animation sketchbook (where I write frame numbers, etc). Complete with coffee stains and brain spew!

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